Time flies and Spring is upon us.

The market has undoubtedly quietened, since the announcement of yet more changes to Stamp Duty and the scrapping of mortgage interest relief against your investment, but that said, there's still a sense of determination from buyers to not be outdone or dissuaded from investing their money.

For some time, we have seen the market increasing in the secondary zones around London and in some places, a real fight for what little there is available here. But we have reached a point now that for the first time in many years, there's a real opportunity to strike some good deals with sellers more motivated than ever, combined with welcomed news of interest rates staying where they are.

Having worked in the Central London market for over 25 years now, we are all too aware that the chances for a buyer to dictate terms can be counted on one hand, so sleeves are being rolled up and deals are being done.

If you are considering buying in 2016, why not get in touch? This could turn out to be the best opportunities you have for quite some time and more than likely, one of the smartest phone calls you make all year!

We look forward to hearing from you.