It's never dull in this business, that's for sure.

The year started as it had finished in 2013, energetic, vibrant and as positive for the road ahead as I can remember. International buyers continued to compete with our domestic equivalent, all vying for that top 5% of prime Central London property that seems to be ever so popular year in, year out. This lasted until late Spring, when talk of interest rates rising and the long awaited General Election of 2015, started to put the brakes on and finally slow this train down.

Now here we are, all basking in one of the best summer's on record, it's hardly surprising people have other things on their minds; so the market has reverted back almost to the old days, where the season's seemed to determine how much business was done.

Agents are quiet, solicitors and surveyors are on holiday, builders are everywhere; that's how London feels right now. What remains to be seen, is how we all come back and approach the business in September. There's no doubt in our minds here at LondonFinder, that if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and grit your teeth, there are good deals to be found out there that will undoubtedly stand our clients in good stead in the future. They just aren't that numerous or obvious and that's precisely why advice in these matters is crucial.

This is clearly a time not to be paying too much going into the Autumn season. Buyers perhaps, are at last seeing the pendulum swinging in their favour!

David Redshaw